TFD Organizational Structure

The TFD organizational structure was revised as part of the Cabinet decision of September 2013, and came into effect on 1st January 2014. Two new positions were established as a result of the 2016 workforce plan that was approved by cabinet in late 2016, and additional positions in 2017, as detailed below.

The Department now comprises:

  1. An administration group, comprising the Director and Deputy Director, several professionals with cross-cutting responsibilities (Legal Officer, Economist and Librarian/ Public Relations Officer and IT Manager) and the Executive staff. The group is responsible, among other things, for recommending fishery policy initiatives, negotiating fishery access arrangements, and establishing joint ventures in which the Tuvalu Government has an interest;
  2. An Oceanic Fisheries Division, responsible for industrial fishery vessel licensing, sale of fishery access rights, compliance with Tuvalu’s obligations under international fishery treaties and conventions, and monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities within the exclusive economic zone EEZ;
  3. A Coastal Fisheries Division, responsible for inshore fishery resource assessment, monitoring, and providing support to kaupule, fishers associations and other stakeholders in the management of coastal fishery resources and the marine environment, both in Funafuti and the outer islands;
  4. An Operations & Development Division, responsible for the running of the TFD vessel Manaui, construction and deployment of fish aggregation devices, training of fishers and fishing vessel crew, and other development-oriented activities.




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