FOFA receives grant aid from Japan

Mr Genta Yamada & Mr Ioapo Tapu signing the grant contracts for the construction of the FOFA fish marketThe Fishermen on Funafuti Association FOFA, has received grant aid for the amount of $117,415 American dollars (which is $149,435 Australian dollars) from the Government of Japan.

This grant aid is for the construction of the FOFA Fish Market including equipment needed in the fish market – water tanks and freezers – that FOFA requested to help their operations of retailing and processing; and to provide their members with a sanitary place to sell and process their fish.

The First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan, Mr Genta Yamada and his team facilitated the signing ceremony in the presence of the Director of Fisheries, Mr Samasoni Finikaso and TFD Operation and Development staff and their technical adviser, Mr. Toma Hayashi. Also represented were the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, the principal of Fetuvalu high school, Mr Penehuro Hauma and the FOFA President, Mr Ioapo Tapu.

The grant aid project contract was signed and handed over by the First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan Mr Genta Yamada, representing the Grass-Roots Human Security Projects (GGP) programme, to the President of the FOFA, Mr Ioapo Tapu. The signing ceremony was held at the Tuvalu Partnership House, Vaiaku, at 2: pm Tuesday, 5th March 2019. Also signed at the same time was the contract for the provision of the school bus for Fetuvalu high school with the Principal of Fetuvalu high school, Mr. Penehuro Hauma.

Group photo taken during the signing of the two grant contracts between Japan & FOFA & also the Ministry of Education youth & SportsTuvalu Government has been working in cooperation with the Government of Japan since the year 1992. Mr Yamada said that “according to the GGP history there were 45 projects in total that have been implemented by Japan with the amount that has been spent approximately 3 million American dollars”.

The signing ceremony ended with a few speeches of expression of gratitude from Mr Tapu and Mr Hauma to the Government of Tuvalu and as well the Japanese Government for the great assistance that they have received and witnessed that day.

TFD has been working cooperatively with FOFA in the area of resource management in the collecting of fisheries data (both pelagic species & reef fish) caught and sold by local fishermen on Funafuti Island with the intention that this will contribute to the prevention of overfishing and better fisheries management.


New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister unveils plaque at the new TFD office building

IMG_0819New Zealand Deputy Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Winston Peters and his delegation, together with the Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Puakena Boreham and the Minister of Finance Hon. Matia Toafa, paid a visit to the Tuvalu Fisheries new office building last Saturday, March 2nd 2019.

The visit was part of the New Zealand delegation’s programme, visiting projects that were funded by the Government of New Zealand. TFD new office building was one of the projects funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme with furniture also supplied under the Tuvalu Fisheries Support Programme (TFSP) of New Zealand aid.

Deputy Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Winston Peters unveiled the plaque, announcing for the first time the recognition that the building that was built in partnership by the governments of New Zealand and Tuvalu.

The DPM and his delegation spent 2 hours within the TFD office building. During their visit, they had the opportunity to visit each section of the Fisheries Department. Firstly, they visited the Vessels Monitoring System VMS room, then the Operation & Development section to examine sea safety equipment and the Coastal laboratory.

The programme ended with lunch and a brief presentation from the Secretary to Finance Mr Talavai Iona and the Secretary to Natural Resources Mr Niko Apinelu. TFD staff provided souvenir gifts for the Deputy Prime Minister and the delegations as a sign of appreciation of their visit.

It was a very busy week for TFD staff. Even though there was a training course on water quality monitoring and consultation on crewing they also made an effort to prepare for the short visit of the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand and his delegation.


Tuvalu Fisheries Department on the move to draft the crewing Policy & Regulation

cREWING POLICY & REGUALTION CONSULTATION 2019.. photo taken by Matelina StuartThe Tuvalu Fisheries Department TFD organized a consultation with stakeholders together with the help from the Forum Fisheries Agency FFA, to put in place a crewing policy and regulation. Mr Mike Betty the new Fisheries Adviser, Mr Isala Tito Isala the TFD legal officer and Mr Tion Nabau with Leonard Rodwell, consultants from FFA facilitated this consultation.

The draft crewing policy and regulation discussion was initiated in order for Tuvalu in future to have a crewing policy, crewing regulation and a standard contract of employment for Tuvaluan crew. This policy and regulation will enable Tuvaluans to be trained and employed as crew on Purse Seine, Bunker and Reefer vessels licensed by Tuvalu. It will ensure Tuvaluan crew are employed on fair terms and conditions including pay. This is the first time to conduct such a discussion.

This crewing policy and regulation will cover Tuvalu crew to work onboard Tuvalu flag vessels, and foreign flag ships that Tuvalu licenses to fish in our waters.
Mr Tion Nabau said that “this regulation is like the automatic condition of a fishing license”. Vessels that are not willing to employ Tuvalu crew will pay a crew waiver fee as part of their license fees.

The first discussion happened at the TFD office building in the first week of February this year while the second discussion was held at the Funafuti lagoon Hotel in late February this year. Currently, Mr Leonard and Mr Nabua, and the TFD legal officer are working together with the Tuvalu Attorney General’s office in finalising the draft regulatory framework.

The draft policy and regulation are meant to be ready by April this year, once approved by the Tuvalu Government Cabinet. The plan is for this crewing policy and regulation to be implemented on the 1st January 2020, and it needs to be ready before Tuvalu starts to negotiate access arrangements for 2020.


Closed: Expressions of Interest: 3 Vacant Position

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department is inviting applications for three temporary vacancies which are available within the Fisheries department for a period of 12 months contract. These vacancies include:

Please click on the above-highlighted texts or links to obtain full details of Terms of References for the above vacancies. Hard copies for these vacancies can be obtained from the Tuvalu Fisheries Department at Teone OR the PROP office.

All applications should address to the: Director of Fisheries, Ministry of Natural Resources, Private Mail Bag, Funafuti and can be delivered to the Fisheries Department office at Teone or email to OR

The closing date for applications is the close of business on 14th February 2019. Late applications will not be considered


Closed:Expression of Interest: The Manager for the TUSA Fishing Company Limited

GOTThe Ministry of Natural Resources under the Government of Tuvalu is inviting a suitably qualified Tuvaluan citizens to fill in the vacant post of a;

Manager for the TUSA Fishing Company Limited.

Please click on the above high-lighted text or link to obtain full details of Terms of Reference and Job descriptions of the position, OR contact the Ministry of Natural Resources Headquarter at the telephone number 688 20160, Government Building Vaiaku OR the Fisheries Headquarter at the telephone number 688 20343 for further information.

Applications for this position should address to the Director of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries, Ministry of Natural Resources, Teone, Funafuti.

The closing date for applications is the close of business Friday 1st of February, 2019. Applications after this time will not be considered.


TFD detained Purse Seine Fishing vessel Micronesia 101 for official custody

FV Micronesia 101

The Tuvalu Fisheries Department detained the purse seine fishing vessel name Micronesia 101 due to the violation of section 63 of the Tuvalu Marine Resources Act 2006 (and the Marine Resources (Amendment) Act 2017). One of the FV Micronesia 101 crew dumped broken winch cable into the lagoon while transhipment in the Funafuti port.

The monitoring observer of the fishing vessel reported the incident  to the Tuvalu fisheries department. The incident occurred on the 10th of September 2018 at 10:45 am.

The fisheries department issued the company of the FV Micronesia 101 with the Notice of Violation and the Agreement Fine Settlement Agreement. The company agreed to pay the specified fine of $50 000 by the 26th September 2018 as provided under the Agreement Fine Settlement Agreement.

Section 63 of the Marine Resources Act and as amended by the section 35 of the Marine Resources (Amendment) Act 2017 now provides a maximum fine of $2 000 000 for any violation of this offence.

The Oceanic staffs of the fisheries department, as part of their duties always reminded the vessel captain of the requirements of transhipment laws of Tuvalu and the captains of each vessel that undertake transhipment in Tuvalu are reminded to follow the Marine Resources Act and any other relevant laws.

“Cooperation is needed from the public, to report any of these sorts of incidence to the Fisheries department office. The Fisheries Department will enforce the Marine Resources Act, and companies of any foreign fishing vessel transhipment in Tuvalu are also kindly reminded to inform their vessels to follow and respect the laws of Tuvalu,” an officer of the Fisheries Department said.


Closed:Expression of Interest : A Mid Term Review Consultant (14/09/2018)

The Tuvalu Government has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Pacific Islands Regional Oceanscape Program (PROP) and the project intends to apply part of the proceeds for consultancy services. The services required at this time is for:

A Mid-Term Review Consultant to review the Tuvalu PROP project.

The Term of Reference for the above assignment can be obtained from the Tuvalu PROP Office OR click on the above text of services required.

Interested consultants/firms are invited to provide information indicating their qualifications to perform the assignment, including (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, and availability of appropriate skills among other things) together with their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the Director of Fisheries on the above address or email.

The successful consultant/firm for the above assignment will be selected under the Consultant Qualification Selection (CQS) in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011 edition).

The closing date for Expression of Interest is at 4 pm – 14th September, 2018.


Administration Group

The Administration section of the Department is responsible for a range of activities, including:

  • Advising the Minister, Cabinet and Parliament on fishery policy issues and high-level developments within the sector;
  • Negotiating fishery access agreements with distant water fishing nations, associations, fleets and companies;
  • Economic analysis of fishery development and management options;
  • Ensuring consistency between fishery revenue information held by the TFD and the Treasury Department of MFED;
  • Promoting and managing fishery joint ventures and other commercial activities in which the Government of Tuvalu has an interest, including the restructure of NAFICOT;
  • Ongoing review of Tuvalu’s fishery legislation to ensure it remains compliant with international treaties to which Tuvalu is a party;
  • Assisting the Attorney-General’s Office and other relevant government departments in regard to incidents of non-compliance with Tuvalu’s fishery laws;
  • Providing access to information on Tuvalu fisheries, including through the development and maintenance of a Fisheries Department library and website;
  • Production of public information materials on the work of the Department, and the Tuvalu fisheries sector in general;
  • Representing Tuvalu at high-level fishery discussions and negotiations;
  • Managing and keeping records of departmental expenditure, travel, training and personnel issues.

One of the milestones for 2018 is to ensure that all Fisheries staff and stakeholders understand and comply with the changes made in the Marine Resource Act Amendment 2017. Therefore awareness programs will be carried out this year to upgrade the capacity of staff.

It was initially expected that Tuvalu would commence implementation of the longline vessel-day scheme (LL-VDS) in 2018. However in late 2017  a decision was made to postpone LL-VDS implementation until 2019 to allow time for additional research on historical patterns of longline fishing activity in Tuvalu waters. This additional research is deemed necessary in order to allow proper price-setting and packaging of longline vessel-days.

Other major objectives which will be commenced this year are:

  • Investigating options for the possible conversion of the Fisheries Department to non-commercial statutory authority, so that it can function more effectively as a revenue-generation agency without the inefficiencies and constraints imposed by public service rules and regulations; and
  • Establishment of a fishery product food safety competent authority, so that fishery products caught in Tuvalu waters, or by Tuvalu vessels fishing elsewhere, can be sold into higher-value markets that are currently not available to us.

Monitoring & Reporting of the 2018 Work Plan

Smoke fish Training with Funafuti Women

Monitoring of Work Programme implementation and delivery will primarily be through the monthly meetings of the SMC.

In addition, quarterly progress reports will be produced by the TFD, both for internal purposes and to respond to the requirements of the Government of Tuvalu (Planning Department, Ministry of Finance and Economic Development) as well as NZAP, World Bank and UNDP/ GEF, the Department’s major external development partners.

The Department will also continue to produce Annual Reports for submission to and approval by Cabinet.



TFD Organizational Structure

The TFD organizational structure was revised as part of the Cabinet decision of September 2013, and came into effect on 1st January 2014. Two new positions were established as a result of the 2016 workforce plan that was approved by cabinet in late 2016, and additional positions in 2017, as detailed below.

The Department now comprises:

  1. An administration group, comprising the Director and Deputy Director, several professionals with cross-cutting responsibilities (Legal Officer, Economist and Librarian/ Public Relations Officer and IT Manager) and the Executive staff. The group is responsible, among other things, for recommending fishery policy initiatives, negotiating fishery access arrangements, and establishing joint ventures in which the Tuvalu Government has an interest;
  2. An Oceanic Fisheries Division, responsible for industrial fishery vessel licensing, sale of fishery access rights, compliance with Tuvalu’s obligations under international fishery treaties and conventions, and monitoring, control and surveillance of fishing activities within the exclusive economic zone EEZ;
  3. A Coastal Fisheries Division, responsible for inshore fishery resource assessment, monitoring, and providing support to kaupule, fishers associations and other stakeholders in the management of coastal fishery resources and the marine environment, both in Funafuti and the outer islands;
  4. An Operations & Development Division, responsible for the running of the TFD vessel Manaui, construction and deployment of fish aggregation devices, training of fishers and fishing vessel crew, and other development-oriented activities.